EDUCATE, ELEVATE, ENCOURAGE -- through the transformative power of the arts!

The MACC's vision is BIG & BOLD, and our donors have played a key role in our mission to make the arts available to everybody. So, it is with sincere gratitude that we share good news and invite you to partner on our journey.

Thanks to you—and thousands of our friends and neighbors who have stepped up to attend events, participate in programs, and support the MACC—we continue to have a positive impact on our community.

In the past year, the MACC enrolled over 900 students in arts classes and served more than 8,000 people through our various arts education, outreach and healing arts programs. Moreover, the MACC has presented 8 art exhibitions, 10 concerts, 4 cultural events and one major arts festival. Overall, our attendance was over 40,000. That's a 15% increase over the previous year!

Naturally, we are thrilled with the level of interest in our youth programs. We are also excited about the impact our outreach and healing arts programs are having on the lives of our veterans, seniors and people with special needs.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Andy, a U.S. Marine Combat veteran, says about our healing arts program:

“On the inside I feel tired, alone and weak. Sometimes I feel suicidal and hopeless because I hear voices in my head all the time. I feel isolated. At first, I thought doing an art class would be silly, but I was so wrong. It has helped me understand and communicate my illness in a different way. This art class is the only place where I feel completely accepted and not judged. I can talk about what is really going on with me. That means everything.”

And here's what some of our community partners and friends are saying:

"The MACC is an integral part of Gallatin Shalom Zone Afterschool Enrichment Program. Our program focuses on students' overall development. The art activities provided by Monthaven allow for them to express themselves and tap into their creative spirits. The children look forward to every Thursday for this experience." ~Shalom Zone

"Our partnership with Monthaven is such a blessing! It’s wonderful that these children can experience this caliber of art classes. The children really look forward to the MACC weekly visits!" ~Cottage Cove

The MACC is a nonprofit organization, so we must rely on community support in the form of memberships and contributions to keep programs affordable and accessible to people in our area. Every dollar contributed to the MACC goes right back to serving this community. Your partnership AT ANY LEVEL is essential because each annual contribution brings us

closer to the day when the MACC truly becomes the creative resource we envision for Middle Tennessee! Thank you again for your generosity and commitment to the arts!